If the Slipp® becomes extremely soiled what can be done as far as cleaning the unit?

If necessary the Slipp® can be machine washed, however it cannot be machine dried. More information on cleaning the Slipp® is available in the written instructions.

Can the Slipp® be left under the patient during procedures in radiology?

While the Slipp® works great for transferring a patient from gurney to the X-ray table. If left under the patient during radiology procedures the Slipp® may show any fold of the material in the X-ray.

Does the Slipp® contain latex?

The Slipp® is 100% latex free.

Can the Slipp® be left under the patient?

The Slipp® is not designed to be left under the patient after transfer or repositioning. If left under the patient after positioning the Slipp® will allow the patient to slide back to their original position.

Is there a weight limit on the Slipp®?

No, There is not a weight limit on any of the Slipp® units. The bariatric unit is designed to bed size (bariatric bed only) and not to patient's weight.

If we have additional questions who can we contact for help?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at 1-800-356-6911 or 217-423-6911, or by e-mail at