The Slipp® patient moving device is available in 3 sizes. The below information will help you determine which size is most appropriate for your application.

3/4 SIZE Slipp® (56" x 33")

The 3/4 Slipp® is shorter but also wider than the full sized Slipp®. In addition to lateral transfers, the additional width is helpful when repositioning the patient up in a bed as desired. For bed to wheelchair transfers the 3/4 Slipp® is the preferred unit.

FULL SIZE Slipp® (72" x 28")

The full size Slipp® is primarily used for lateral transfers from bed to gurney, or bed to exam table. The width(28") allows for a quick transfer with minimal material left under the patient after the transfer.

THE BARIATRIC Slipp® (76" X 45")

The Bariatric Slipp® is appropriate only when using a bariatric bed or gurney. The Bariatric Slipp® works just like the 3/4 and full sized Slipp® with one important difference, it's size! The Bariatric Slipp® is designed for bed size rather than the patient's weight.

There is no weight limit on any of the Slipp® units, however the bariatric size provides the additional material needed to make bariatric transfers easier than ever.


Each Slipp® unit can be personalized with the facilities name and logo for an additional cost on large quantity purchases.
Grommets applied at the top of the unit are also available, allowing the unit to be hung if desired.